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Each day, thousands of workers toil under the harsh and often dangerous conditions of construction sites or industrial workplaces, like factories. Each day, hundreds of workers across the country have accidents at work through no fault of their own. Workplace fall accidents are one of the most common causes of such accidents.

Workplace fall accidents, whether a slip or trip accident, can cause serious injuries. For example, a construction worker who trips on a scaffold and falls off is likely to suffer spine and head injuries which prevent returning to work and providing for family. At the very least, serious injuries, even if not disabling, can lead to weeks or months away from work. For a struggling family, that may mean not being able to pay the mortgage or not being able to pay a school tuition bill.

The real shortcoming of workers’ compensation is that the system does not fully compensate a disabled worker. There’s a reason for this – the system is set up to encourage a worker to get back to work as quickly as possible.

That’s why disability payments, both short and long term, under the workers’  compensation scheme only amount to a percentage of the total weekly wage. The theory is that workers will be dishonest and stay out on comp for as long as possible if the system paid the full weekly wage. For the vast majority of workers, like my father who was a union carpenter, lying to stay out of work isn’t even within the realm of possibility. Granted, of course, some workers will abuse the system. However, that’s why medical doctors are the ones who determine disability, not injured workers.

Here’s an example which shows the real financial hardship workers’ compensation can pose. A union carpenter who is disabled due to a work injury may find that the workers’ compensation benefit is only two-thirds of the total weekly wage. So, instead of taking home $1,000 a week, he or she takes home less than $700. Over a one month period, the worker loses $1200. For a lot of workers, that’s a mortgage payment. This often means that a worker gets back to work when they should be resting, simply because they can’t afford to lose 1/3 of  paychecks.

It’s a terrible situation for a worker who is seriously injured. Ask any worker whether they will work through pain or feed their families, and there really is no choice.

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