I tripped in a hotel room while in Pennsylvania. Do I have a case?


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A: Every fall down accident case is unique and success depends on many different factors, such as extent of the injuries, proof of negligence, etc. In Pennsylvania, hotels and hotel management companies can be liable for defects which exist anywhere on the premises of a hotel, even a hotel room. While ordinarily, most hotel accident cases involve a dangerous condition of a walkway or stairs in main, public areas, a recent Pennsylvania federal court case held that a hotel could be liable for a defect in an actual hotel room. For more information about Pennsylvania hotel liability for accidents in hotel rooms, click here.

The key in any business negligence case is proving negligence. There must be some evidence that the business, i.e., hotel, knew or should have known of the defect, yet failed to properly warn of or correct the condition. Read more about proving liability in fall down accident case here.

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