Rights of Injured Marine Terminal & Dock Workers in PA & NJ


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Union workers tend to be fiercely loyal, to fellow workers and their employers. Marine terminal and dock workers are no different. This explains why dock workers who get hurt on the job often pursue only a workers’ compensation claim. Many never seek advice of a work accident lawyer to assess their legal rights to recover outside of workers’ compensation. Also, in many workplace accident cases, union workers may hesitate to seek outside legal advice for fear of the repercussions at work and among co-workers. However, in serious accident cases, workers may be forced to consult a lawyer to protect their rights to seek fair, just compensation for the accident and resulting injuries.

In many cases of terminal and dock accidents, an injured worker will have a valid negligence claim against the dock/terminal operator as well as other parties, such as an equipment operating company. Given the wide range of activities which occur at marine terminals and docks on a given day, there may be dozens of companies performing work. When one company’s negligence leads to an accident, it may be held liable in a court of law to the injured dock worker.

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Marine Terminal & Dock Accidents – The Right to Recover Medical Bills and Expenses

While of course, medical expenses are usually paid by workers’ compensation, workers who file separate lawsuits against negligent parties can still make a claim for reasonable medical expenses, both expenses which have already been incurred and reasonably necessary future medical expenses. For example, in a case where a dock worker is struck by a truck or forklift, he or she may make a workers’ compensation claim for medical treatment. However, in a subsequent lawsuit against a forklift operating company, the injured worker can make a claim for what has already been paid by workers’ compensation as well as treatment which is reasonably likely to occur in the future. For instance, in a case where the injured worker suffers a crush injury, he or she may need repeated reconstructive surgeries over time. In situations when such medical expense claims are made and recovered from the negligent party, the injured worker may be required to reimburse the employer.

Marine Terminal & Dock Accidents – Recovering Pain and Suffering Damages

Many workers, such as dock workers, are seriously injured in accidents at work. Injuries often include fractured bones which require surgery, head trauma with permanent brain damage and/or loss of limbs. In such cases, negligence law allows the individual to recover for the following types of pain and suffering damages:

  • physical pain,
  • physical deformity,
  • emotional trauma/stress,
  • loss of enjoyment of life,
  • loss of enjoyment of hobbies, and
  • changes in personality.

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