PA Work Injuries & Workers’ Compensation – What are Your Legal Rights After a Roof Fall Accident? (Part 2)


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Fall Accident Case Result – Our injury lawyers obtained a $12 million recovery for a roofer was critically injured in a work accident when he fell off the roof.

PA Workers’ Comp Benefits – Lost Wages

PA workers who are injured on the job may be unable to work after an accident due to their injuries. Part 2 of this article will discuss different types of workers’ comp lost wages benefits, and which benefits are best for PA injured workers. In addition, we will also discuss other claims injured workers may have.

Temporary Total Disability

An injured worker can receive temporary total disability if he is temporarily disabled and unable to perform his job. For instance, a worker who falls from a roof may have broken both of his legs which prevents him from returning to his job for a period of time.

However, the injured worker does not receive 100% of his lost wages. Rather, he will only receive a portion of his lost wages (usually 2/3 of average weekly wage), and up to a weekly maximum.

Partial Disability

A worker injured at work may be able to return to work, but his wages may be lower than his earnings prior to the injury. In such a case, the worker may be eligible for partial disability benefits. For instance, a roofer falls from a roof and fortunately only fractures his ankle. He may be able to return to work performing other available work, such as answering phones at the office. If the wages are lower, then the injured worker may receive 2/3 of the difference between the worker’s average weekly wage as a roofer and the average weekly wage of the new position.

PA workers’ comp laws provide how long injured workers may receive lost wages if they are partially or totally disabled. It is best that PA injured workers consult with experienced work accident lawyers to ensure they get the maximum benefits available.

Third Party Claims

Though injured workers who sustain injuries after falling from a roof may not sue their employers pursuant to PA workers’ compensation laws, there may be other parties responsible for the fall accident. At any given construction site, there are multiple parties present at the site who may be responsible for the fall accident, such as:

There are also other parties not present at the construction who may be responsible for the fall from roof accident, such as a product manufacturer of a fall protection system. For instance, if a worker fell from a roof due to a faulty personal fall arrest system, the manufacturer of the fall arrest system may be liable for the worker’s accident and injuries.

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