I was hit by a truck driver in Philadelphia, PA. How do I make a claim for my medical bills?


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A: There are different types of claims you may make and each depend on the nature of the injuries, whether there is proof of the truck driver’s falling asleep or other negligence, and the kinds of financial damages you have, such as medical expenses. Pennsylvania motor vehicle laws are very complex and people injured in any car or truck accident should seek advice of an expert lawyer in order to preserve all potential claims. The following answer is for information only.

Recovering Medical Expenses after a Pennsylvania Truck or Car Accident

Under the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law, any Pennsylvania driver who is injured in a car or truck accident may make a claim for medical benefits under their own car insurance policy. This is regardless of whose fault the accident was. This is because Pennsylvania, like New Jersey, is a “no-fault” state.

So, in this scenario, if the truck driver was negligent, you would make a claim for medical benefits under your own car insurance policy. In addition to medical benefits, you may also be able to receive reimbursement for lost wages and other losses like hiring household help, again under your own policy. These are known as first party benefits. Out of pocket medical expenses or bills which are incurred after your car insurance medical benefits coverage exhausts would be sought in a subsequent lawsuit against the truck driver in addition to other financial losses and pain and suffering.

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Published: July 4, 2012