What Should You Do After a Philadelphia, PA Slip and Fall Accident?

Philadelphia injury lawyer discusses what slip, trip and fall accident victims should do after their accident, such as take pictures. Get more information here on how to prevail in a Philadelphia fall accident lawsuit.

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Individuals injured in Philadelphia slip and fall accidents may file injury lawsuits against responsible parties.  In order to prevail in a Philadelphia slip and fall accident lawsuit, injured individuals need to prove that due to a party’s negligence, they slipped and fell resulting in injuries.

Below are some things injured individuals can do to help prove the elements necessary to prevail in a slip and fall lawsuit.

Take Pictures

IMAG1073If possible, take a picture of what caused you to slip, trip and fall, i.e., broken sidewalk, hole, etc. Many times after individuals fall, they are too embarrassed to stay around and see what caused the fall. Therefore, they quickly get up and leave the site of the accident. If you can’t take a picture immediately after the fall accident, have a friend or family member go back soon after the accident to take pictures.

For instance, if you fell down a flight of stairs due to a rotted, broken step, it is a good idea to take a picture of it.  The reason is that the step may be fixed by the property owner when you go back a couple of weeks or even days later after the fall accident.  You can still prove the property owner’s negligence without pictures of the broken step, but the pictures would help to show the dangerous condition.

Seek Medical Treatment

It is important to seek medical treatment after a fall accident.  In order to financially recover, there must be evidence of damages or injury.  Medical records are the best way to prove injuries.  Waiting too long after an accident to seek medical treatment may create an unnecessary hurdle for you in a lawsuit.  The defendant can argue that because you did not seek medical treatment after the accident, the injuries documented in the medical records 2 weeks after are not from the fall.  Rather, they are from another accident.

Do Not Talk to the Other Party

When customers fall in a public establishment such as a grocery store or a restaurant, management may be notified after the customer’s fall. Within a day or two, the establishment may call the injured individual to get a statement.  What you say during this conversation may be used against you in a subsequent slip and fall accident lawsuit. Therefore, it is important not to talk to the public establishment and refer the person to your lawyer.

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FREE Consultations After a Philadelphia Fall Accident

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