I work in Philadelphia and was hurt at work. What workers’ compensation benefits can I receive?


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Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Benefits

In general, workers in Pennsylvania who are hurt on the job may be eligible to obtain workers’ compensation benefits. In the vast majority of Pennsylvania workers’ compensation cases, an injured worker will receive medical benefits, as well as, disability or lost earnings benefits.

Medical benefits cover all necessary medical treatment, including hospital visits, doctor visits, diagnostic tests, physical therapy, etc. Disability benefits or lost earnings benefits are available to workers whose injuries cause short or long term disability.

In addition, depending on the severity of the accident and other factors, an injured worker may be able to obtain the following, additional workers’ compensation benefits:

  1. specific loss benefits,
  2. disfigurement benefits, and
  3. illegally employed minor’s benefits.

Click here to learn about these types of PA workers’ compensation benefits.

It is important to note that in cases when a worker is killed due to a work related accident, his or her family may be able to receive death benefits, which are designated and payable according to a statutory scheme.

Also, in some work accident cases, an injured worker may be able to make not only a workers’ compensation claim, but also a separate claim against other, non-employer parties. To illustrate: A worker at a factory gets injured because a machine malfunctioned. He makes a workers’ compensation claim. He also takes the machine manufacturer to court for making a defective product. In this lawsuit, he can recover medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering damages. These two claims, the workers’ compensation claim and the defective product claim are separate and distinct and do not depend on each other. In other words, the injured factory worker in this example may make either, or both of these claims.

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Philadelphia PA Workers’ Compensation & Accident Lawyer

The Philadelphia law firm of Laffey, Bucci & Kent represents workers who are injured on the job. Our work accident lawyers specialize in handling negligence cases against third parties and may handle workers’ compensation cases. Depending on the facts of a given work accident case, the firm may refer the workers’ compensation case to another law firm. Please call the firm for a free consultation. Click To Call

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