I’m a Pennsylvania resident and had an accident at work. I made a workers’ compensation claim. Are there other claims or compensation available?


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A: In many workplace accidents, claims other than workers’ compensation may be available. Each case requires review by a knowledgeable Pennsylvania work accident lawyer who can take a look at the facts and laws to determine viability of a separate claim. There may be a statute of limitations issue, depending on when the accident took place.

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Under Pennsylvania laws, workers injured in workplace accidents such as slip and fall or trip and fall accidents may be able to obtain compensation over and above workers’ compensation. Doing so requires having a valid claim against a non-employer party, such as a contractor or subcontractor.

For example, in a case where a worker falls and sustains injury in an office building, while the employer usually cannot sued for the injury, a building management company or maintenance contractor may be liable for failure to maintain the area.

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Published: September 5, 2012