Can a bar in Pennsylvania be held liable for a bar fight?


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Bars, restaurants and clubs can be held liable in bar fight situations under a variety of theories, which include:

  • negligence in serving alcohol,
  • failure to train staff regarding bar fights and violence,
  • failure to provide adequate staff/security, and
  • failure to warn of known, dangerous conditions.

In bar fight situations, an innocent patron can be attacked without provocation and if the bar/restaurant acted negligently with respect to the attacker or situation, Pennsylvania law may hold the bar/restaurant liable.

For example, a bar may be liable when a bartender serves excessive alcohol to a patron who was known to be violent and that patron then attacks another; or a bar may be liable when it fails to intervene in situations involving a bar fight or otherwise fails to act appropriately in the face of known dangers/issues.

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In any alcohol liability case, it is crucial to develop the evidence early on, by tracking down witnesses and investigating the bar/restaurant. Bars, restaurants and clubs tend to have high employee turnover rates and therefore, it is advisable to speak to an alcohol liability lawyer as soon as possible.

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