Paul Bucci’s Recent Work Accident Case Results


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*Results vary depending on the facts and circumstances of each case. Therefore, the following discussion of results is no guarantee of the same or similar result in current or future cases.

Work Accident Case Results

$4 Million in Construction Accident Due to Fall

Construction worker suffered serious and catastrophic brain injuries after he fell approximately twenty (20) feet because he was not provided with required fall protection while performing framing work on a home.

Confidential Seven-Figure Settlement, Electric Shock Accident in West Virginia

30 year-old construction worker in West Virginia died from electrocution during a renovation project when the walk-in freezer unit he was moving came into contact with an exposed and energized wire which should have been previously de-energized and capped by contractors.

Confidential Six-Figure Settlement, Electric Shock Accident Involving HVAC Unit

Union sheet metal worker suffered serious electrical shock injuries when he inadvertently came into contact with an exposed and energized component of an HVAC unit which should have been de-energized.

Confidential Six-Figure Settlement, Fall Due to Lack of Fall Protection

Union carpenter seriously injured in a fall when he was required to work without fall protection while assembling concrete formwork and a component piece of the formwork collapsed underneath him.

Confidential Seven-Figure Settlement, Fall Protection Malfunction & Failure

Union teamster suffered catastrophic injuries in a fall from thirty (30) feet due to broken and malfunctioning safety equipment on his powered industrial truck.

Confidential Six-Figure Settlement, Ironworker Steel Beam Accident

Union ironworker seriously injured when a large steel beam rolled and crushed his leg.

Concrete Formwork Accident, Settled for $500,000

Union carpenter seriously injured when an improperly secured piece of concrete formwork fell and struck him.

Other Personal Injury Accident Case Results

Confidential seven-figure settlement: Man died when his car plummeted three (3) floors from a parking garage due to an inadequate and non-code compliant vehicle barrier protection system in the garage.

Confidential six-figure settlement: Man died from complications associated with the improper diagnosis and treatment of endocarditis following an aortic valve replacement surgery.

Confidential six-figure settlement: Woman suffered serious injuries when security personnel at a bar violently assaulted her without provocation or justification.