Pennsylvania Workplace Trench Accident Case Study – Beyond Workers’ Compensation


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Injured Workers in PA Often Believe They are Only Entitled to Workers’ Compensation

Work accident lawyers often come across this scenario: a potential client, a worker injured while on the job, comes into the office to discuss a work accident case. He was told to make a workers’ compensation case, which he did.

During the course of the interview, the injured worker is shocked to learn that he has a potential case against other parties. For instance, he may have a viable products liability case against the manufacturer of the equipment he was using, or a general contractor may be liable for failing to provide a safe work environment.

However, due to the passage of time, it is difficult, although not impossible, to obtain the evidence necessary to succeed in cases against other parties. Basically, by consulting with an experienced work accident lawyer sooner, an injured worker increases the chances of succeeding in these cases. This is why it is vital that injured workers speak to a work accident lawyer early on, to rule out other potential claims.

A Recent PA Trench Accident Case

A recent work accident case handled by the firm’s founding partner, Paul Bucci, illustrates this point. Gary M., was disassembling a trench box when one of the walls/panels collapsed on him, causing major injuries. He was lucky to have survived.

Needless to say, trench work is very dangerous. Trench collapse accidents are very common. When they occur, workers who are in the trenches, are often unable to escape and die.

Trench work is necessary for all major construction jobs. Whether it’s to lay the foundation of a building or for underground work, trench boxes are often used. Trench boxes are usually made of steel or aluminum and are used to protect workers who are working inside of a trench. Trench boxes are commonly used across different types of construction projects.

Beyond Workers’ Compensation

In Gary M.’s trench accident case, the client was unaware that he even had a viable case against another party. As in most work accident cases, the client believed that he only had a workers’ compensation claim. He turned out to be wrong.

Paul reviewed the case and quickly determined that there was a possible case against the manufacturer of the trench box. Paul advanced the theory that the trench box manufacturer failed to provide any assembly or disassembly instructions whatsoever. Ultimately, the case was resolved in the client’s favor.

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