New Jersey Work Injuries – What an Injured Worker Can Recover (NOT JUST WORKERS’ COMP)

What can an injured worker in New Jersey recover after a work accident? Under NJ law, injured workers' aren't limited to workers' comp benefits. They can recover past and future losses and pain and suffering.

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New Jersey workers who suffer serious injuries are often left in the dark about their civil legal rights. Most injured workers assume that the only recourse they have is making a workers’ compensation claim, which incidentally, doesn’t provide much by way of financial help after a major work accident. Even when a permanent or temporary disability results, injured workers often rely solely on workers’ comp benefits without ever seeking advice from a work injury lawyer.

Workers with serious injuries like crushed limbs, spinal injuries or brain injuries are often disabled from work. This results in significant financial hardship, particularly because workers’ comp is not designed to provide full financial compensation. When a disability occurs after a work injury, New Jersey workers’ comp allows an injured worker to receive a portion of their pre-injury income, usually capped at about 2/3 of the average weekly wage. Getting a New Jersey work injury case evaluated properly by an experienced lawyer can make the difference between financial ruin and financial well-being.

New Jersey Work Injury Lawsuits, Financial Compensation

Under New Jersey law, an injured worker can make a claim for all financial losses incurred as a result of a work accident that was caused by another (non-employer) party. Like in Pennsylvania, New Jersey residents are usually barred from bringing lawsuits against an employer for a work accident (that’s what workers’ comp is for). There are, however, several exceptions to this rule, which we won’t discuss here. For a detailed discussion of lawsuits against employers for work injuries in New Jersey, visit our legal post: New Jersey Work Injury Law: Can an Employee Sue an Employer for a Work Injury?

Even if a workers’ comp claim was already made (and even if benefits are still being received), an injured worker can still make claims against an at-fault party for the following types of damages:

  • medical treatment costs,
  • lost wages,
  • out of pocket expenses, and
  • pain and suffering.

In catastrophic injury cases, an injured worker can make claims for past and future damages. For example, a worker who falls from a roof on a work site in South New Jersey fractures several vertebrae in his spine and also breaks his ankle. He needs many surgeries and will need revision surgeries in the future. In his work injury lawsuit, he can make a claim for all future medical treatment and related expenses as well as pain and suffering.

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