Nail Gun Discharged Sideways – Now What?


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Even the most experienced nail gun users can find themselves in a situation where a nail gun discharges sideways, seriously injuring themselves or a bystander. A 3 inch nail or fastener can do serious damage to the eyes and brain. Permanent nerve damage is common.

Nail Gun Discharged Sideways – Product Defect Claims

Nail guns which discharge sideways may contain a manufacturing defect and/or a design defect. A manufacturing defect occurs when there is some error or issue with the manufacturing process. For instance, an error on the assembly line can cause a manufacturing defect. One out of a thousand products may be defective, or an entire batch may be defective. A nail gun which has a manufacturing defect may be the only one of its kind or an entire batch of nail guns may be defective.

A design defect is what it sounds like, a defect in the design of a product. Nail guns can be defectively designed, which results in a nail gun discharging sideways. Defective designs can also result in unintended misfires. For example, a nail gun user can accidentally fire a nail gun at a bystander. The misfire may occur due to a defect in the way the trigger mechanism was designed. Read more about the sequential trigger.

Nail Gun Discharged Sideways – What Can You Recover?

Manufacturers, sellers, etc., can be ordered to pay fair and reasonable financial compensation to those injured in nail gun accidents, whether it’s a bystander or the nail gun user. Damage claims often include:

  • past and future medical bills,
  • past and future lost pay, and
  • past and future pain and suffering.

Given the often serious injuries which occur, pain and suffering claims may be extensive. For example, loss of eye sight or serious permanent brain damage which results in loss of the ability to earn a living causes significant suffering, both financially and emotionally.

Related Nail Gun Accident Case Result

2013 Cases: Two clients, in separate instances, suffered the same injury – nail gun discharged sideways, hitting them in the eye. Both cases settled before trial for about $1,000,000 each. Read more about these nail gun defect cases.


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