Is the manufacturer liable for an accident involving a nail gun with a contact trip trigger?


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A: Nail gun safety research is clear that the sequential trigger mechanism is safer than the contact trip trigger. A jury in a recent case in California found that the contact trip trigger nail gun at issue was defective.  However, the question of whether a nail gun manufacturer is liable for a contact trip trigger mechanism will depend on the circumstances of the given case. That’s because most defective product injury cases involving power tools revolve around whether the alleged defect is what caused the accident and injuries.

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Determining whether a nail gun was defective will almost always require the help of a mechanical expert who can conduct an official examination of the tool and render a legal opinion on the nature and extent of any defect. Defective product injury cases almost always require the use of such expert opinions. Therefore, it is important to be sure to preserve the product (nail gun) and discuss the facts of the specific case with a nail gun accident lawyer.

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