I slipped on trash in a store in Philadelphia. Is the store liable?


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A: Every slip, trip and fall accident case is unique, so it is important to discuss your specific case with a lawyer before making any decisions or taking any action in your case. The following is for information only.

In Pennsylvania, a store can be held liable for trash or debris on the floor which causes a customer to slip or trip and injure themselves. The key is proving that the store either knew about the problem beforehand or should have known about it under the circumstances.

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After a fall injury is reported to store management, store employees often comment on the specific hazard. Some may even admit to knowing about the problem. For instance, in a slip and fall case caused by a leak in a bathroom, a store employee may admit that the manager knew about the leak but had not done anything about it. This kind of fact could prove that before the accident occurred, the store had actual notice of the problem. For trash on the floor or in an aisle, if there are similar circumstances, the store may be liable.

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