I fell off a ladder. Should I pursue a case?


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A: The facts of each case are unique. Therefore, a potential case should be discussed with a lawyer before deciding whether to pursue a lawsuit or not. The following answer is for information only.

Under tort and negligence principles in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, someone who is physically injured as a result of another person’s negligence has the right to receive fair and just compensation for their injuries and the financial damages and losses sustained as a result of the injuries. However, in order to obtain recovery, there must be evidence of the other party’s negligence.

In addition, if the injuries are minor, it will not be cost-effective to maintain a personal injury action. For example, if a ladder accident resulted a sore back and some bruising, these injuries, alone, would not be enough to justify the expense of a lawsuit.

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In a ladder accident case, there may be multiple parties who share liability. For instance, in a situation where a ladder accident occurs at a construction site, a contractor may be liable for the ladder accident.

For a ladder accident which occurs at home, a ladder/equipment rental company or the ladder manufacturer may be liable for a defect in the ladder which led to the accident.

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