Common Causes of Trip & Fall Accidents at Work (Part C)


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Trip and fall accidents account for a high number of on the job work injuries. Whether it’s a slip and fall or a trip and fall situation, the resulting injuries can result in significant time lost from work. For many folks, missing a month of work or even a few weeks of work can wreak financial havoc. Click here to learn more about making a claim for injuries after a fall accident at work.

The following are common causes of trip and fall accidents at work:

  • uneven transitions between walkway surfaces (i.e., carpet to tile),
  • gaps in transitions on walkways,
  • negligently maintained steps,
  • unexpected changes in elevation or slope of walkways,
  • objects protruding in a walkway, and
  • improperly sloped walking surfaces.

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Liability in a Workplace Fall Accident Case

Work accidents are usually covered by the workers’ compensation laws of the state where the accident occurred. For instance, the vast majority of work accidents in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey are covered by workers’ compensation. However, only medical bills and a percentage of lost wages can be recovered. That’s why it’s important to have a workplace accident case evaluated by a workplace accident lawyer, to determine if a third party is liable for the accident. What many workers don’t know is that in many work accident cases, other parties can be held liable. Many injured workers assume that making a workers’ compensation injury claim is the only recourse.

For example, an office worker who trips over loose or misplaced stair treads/covers may be able to make a tort claim against the building property management company for failing to maintain the stairs in a reasonable manner. This claim would be in addition to, or on top of, any workers’ compensation claim.

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Pennsylvania & New Jersey Fall at Work Accident Lawyers

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