Brian Kent Interviewed by the American Association for Justice re: Proposed Changes to OSHA Injury Reporting


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Philadelphia, December 20, 2013

Firm founder, Brian Kent, was recently interviewed by the American Association for Justice (AAJ). The AAJ is one of the nation’s oldest legal organizations, comprised of leading plaintiff’s lawyers around the country.

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Mr. Kent discussed a recent proposal for sweeping changes to the way OSHA receives and processes work accident reports.

“The rule can only do good things for worker safety on a site. There is a requirement for periodic reporting, but there is no specific requirement that those be forwarded to OSHA or an OSHA representative.” -Brian Kent, AAJ interview

Click here to access the AAJ article featuring Mr. Kent.

Currently, the federal government is considering a mandatory work accident/injury reporting system which would require certain types of employers to send accident/injury reports to OSHA. If passed, OSHA would publicize a database of accident and injury reports.

The need for such reporting is crucial. Over the last thirty years, the number of workplaces in the U.S. doubled from 4.5 million to 9 million. However, with cuts to funding for OSHA, the number of OSHA inspectors and regulators has steadily decreased. With roughly 3 million injured workers per year, something must be done to increase work accident safety. By making work accident/injury reports public, OSHA essentially forces employers to take work accidents seriously.

Opponents of the bill include business groups and manufacturing organizations. Their main concern is that making such accident reports available online punishes employers and does not tell a complete story about the details surrounding the accident.

About Accident Lawyer Brian Kent, a Former Prosecutor

Prior to championing the rights of injured workers in the civil courts, Brian Kent was an assistant district attorney prosecuting crimes in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. He is licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and his firm may take work accident cases in other states, such as New York and Delaware, on a case by case basis. Read more about the firm’s work accident practice.

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