Philadelphia Priest Sex Abuse Scandal Update: Michael Chapman Suspended Amid Child Abuse Allegations


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The Philadelphia Archdiocese is facing another debacle. This time, it involves a priest, Michael Chapman, who was put on administrative leave last year while the Archdiocese conducted an investigation. As a result of that investigation, Chapman was reinstated for ministry. He was just suspended for an allegation of child sex abuse.

The Archdiocese investigation involved 21 priests who were investigated for allegations ranging from misbehavior to sexual abuse. Those priests were:

  • Philip Barr
  • John Bowe
  • George Cadwallader
  • Paul Castellani
  • Michael Chapman
  • Msgr. John Close
  • Msgr. Francis Feret
  • Mark Fernandes
  • Msgr. Michael Flood
  • Mark Gaspar
  • Joseph Glatts
  • Steven Harris
  • Daniel Hoy
  • Msgr. Joseph Logrip
  • Andrew McCormick
  • Zachary Navit
  • Leonard Peterson
  • Robert Povish
  • John Reardon
  • Thomas Rooney
  • Peter Talocci

Earlier this year, the Archdiocese suspended several of those priests. Many were suspended for boundary violations, and at least one priest was suspended due to an allegation of sexual abuse. For more information about the suspended Philadelphia priests, click here.

Michael Chapman was found suitable for ministry by the Archdiocese in May of this year. That same month, the Archdiocese received allegations of sexual abuse committed by Chapman. He has since been suspended and the Archdiocese reported the crimes to law enforcement.

Michael Chapman is only 56 years old and has been ordained since 1982. He has served in various Philadelphia area churches, including Saint Agnes in West Chester and Saint Henry in Philadelphia.

Anyone with information about priest or church abuse should speak to law enforcement. The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Special Victims Unit telephone number is 215-685-3252 and the District Attorney’s Family Violence and Sexual Assault Unit telephone number is 215-686-8080.

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Published: September 19, 2012

Source:, “Update Regarding Reverend Michael Chapman”, 9/17/12