LBK Founders Discuss the Firm’s Advocacy on Behalf of Injured Workers and Crime Victims with Forbes


In a recent article in Forbes, LBK founders Jeffrey Laffey and Paul Bucci discussed the firm’s focus on pursuing justice for victims of workplace accidents and crimes, specifically those who have survived sexual abuse or assault.

“Our clients are often in extremely vulnerable positions,” said Bucci. “Our goal is to help them move forward with their lives.”

Laffey is the son of a union carpenter and uses the power of the law on behalf of working people, obtaining numerous seven- and eight-figure results for clients. One of these victories includes a $15 million recovery for a refinery worker who fell in excess of 15 feet due to an unsafe access ladder. “I love being the blue-collar guy getting white-collar results for my clients,” Laffey said.

Bucci is also committed to fighting for working people; he secured the largest construction accident settlement in U.S. history as a lead attorney in the 2003 parking garage collapse at Tropicana Atlantic City.

“The magnitude of that case was profound, but it’s no less profound for a family whose father or husband was in a single job-site accident,” said Bucci. “We bring the same strength and compassion to any size of workplace case.”

That ethos of compassionate advocacy informs the entirety of the firm’s work on behalf of clients. “We take a lot of pride in being able to substantially alter our clients’ lives for the better,” said Laffey.

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