Workplace Fall Accidents & Injuries


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Workplace Fall Accidents Often Lead to Significant Injuries

Workers who are injured on the job in fall accidents often suffer significant injuries. Sometimes, workers will be completely disabled as a result of the fall accident. Naturally, the financial stress on the family is overwhelming. Between wages and union benefits, disabled workers often find themselves in situations where they simply cannot provide for their families.

In serious workplace fall accident situations, workers and their families often want to know how they will be able to get back on their feet. Medical bills, household utility bills, credit card bills, etc. often pile up, and quickly. The stress of not being able to pay bills often leads to anxiety and depression.

Recovery for Injuries at Work Beyond Workers’ Compensation

Workers do not often know that they may have legal rights beyond workers’ compensation. Under Pennsylvania and New Jersey work accident law, injured workers may be able to obtain financial compensation for their injuries against certain non-employer parties.

Here’s the reason why. Workers’ compensation is a trade off – in exchange for offering workers’ compensation benefits, employers cannot be sued for work accidents. However, in some very limited cases, an employer may be sued for a work accident, but successful cases are pretty rare. Despite this, workers may have viable claims against other parties.

For example, in a roofing fall accident on a construction site, a subcontractor or general contractor may have committed some negligence which led to the accident. In a slip and fall accident in an office, a cleaning contractor may be liable. Read more about making a claim for injuries after a fall accident at work.

The point is that each case is unique and the only way to rule out these kinds of cases is to get a consultation with a lawyer with work accident experience.

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Pennsylvania & New Jersey Fall at Work Accident Lawyers

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