Why Work Related Scaffold Accidents Occur at PA and NJ Worksites


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Our PA and NJ work accident lawyers have represented many workers in scaffold accident cases, and over the years, our lawyers have seen scaffold accidents happen for similar reasons. Here are the top two reasons why scaffold accidents occur:

1. Improper construction of the scaffold

Whether due to use of defective materials in building the scaffold or failure to build the scaffold according to OSHA regulations, many, if not most scaffold accidents happen due to a problem in construction of the scaffold. Common issues with scaffold construction which often lead to accidents include:

  • using of defective materials such as damaged planks or decks,
  • exceeding the maximum platform overhang,
  • using improper base support,
  • improper use of screw jacks,
  • lack of sufficient ties/braces.

Depending on the type of scaffold, OSHA may require a competent person, a qualified person and/or an engineer to examine the scaffold during erection and dismantling. Employee training is also required. When a workplace or construction site scaffold accident occurs, the most common reason is that the right kind of person, competent person, qualified person or engineer either was not doing their job or no such person was even hired. Read more about common claims made in scaffold accident lawsuit cases.

2. No guardrails or personal fall arrest systems

OSHA regulations apply to pretty much every work or construction site. In fact, for scaffolds above 10 feet high, workers must be protected from falls below, with either a personal fall arrest system or guardrails which are capable of withstanding certain pounds of force. In addition, scaffolds must be able to bear their own weight plus at least 4 times the expected load, which includes the weight of workers, materials, and tools.

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Scaffold accident injuries are usually very severe, if not fatal. Financially, a work related scaffold accident can be devastating. While workers’ compensation provides some benefits, in most cases, the benefits are not enough to keep the worker’s family afloat.

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