Work Related Auto Accidents & Financial Compensation in Pennsylvania


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Work related auto accidents are one of the most common types of work accidents which result in financial compensation. Workers may be injured in various types of auto accidents, such as car accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents. When serious accidents occur, injured workers and their families often want to know whether they will be able to receive financial compensation and if so, how much.

Financial Compensation in Work Related Auto Accidents

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Under PA law, in order to be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits (medical treatment and disability payments for lost wages), a worker injured in an auto accident must have been carrying out duties on behalf of the employer. For instance, a delivery truck driver injured in a truck accident while making a delivery would be eligible to make a workers’ compensation claim, or someone driving to a conference for work and is injured in a car accident may also make a claim for work comp benefits.

Workers’ compensation benefits are generally unavailable for auto accidents which occur during commutes to and from the workplace. There are some exceptions to this rule. For example, a worker who has no fixed place of employment may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits for an auto accident which occurs while driving to a meeting.

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Financial Compensation in Workplace Auto Accident Lawsuits

Workers who are injured in auto accidents may also be able to file lawsuits against the at-fault drivers. These lawsuits are independent of and may be filed in addition to any workers’ compensation claim. This means that a worker injured in a work related auto accident can file both a workers’ compensation claim and a separate auto accident lawsuit.

Under Pennsylvania auto accident law, injured workers are eligible to receive financial compensation for:

  • medical bills,
  • lost wages,
  • other financial losses and out of pocket expenses, and
  • pain and suffering.

In addition, seriously injured workers may be able to make claims for future expenses and losses, including future pain and suffering.

Also, it is important to note that one of the key differences between a workers’ compensation claim and a lawsuit is this – in an accident lawsuit, such as a work auto accident lawsuit, the injured worker can receive compensation for pain and suffering whereas pain and suffering claims are not covered under workers’ compensation.

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