Work Accidents & Injuries in Pennsylvania Education & Healthcare Workers


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Most people think that the construction and manufacturing industries are the most dangerous, and in a sense they are correct because these two industries tend to produce high injury rates, respectively, 4.7 and 5.0 injured workers per every 1000. However, many people are surprised to learn that the construction and manufacturing industries do not account for the highest number of work injury cases. In fact, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry (DOLI), the education/health services industry and the trade, transportation and utilities industry top the list in terms of industries with the highest number of work injury cases.

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Together, the education/health services and the trade, transportation and utilities industries accounted for 39,765 cases, almost half of all work injury cases reported in 2012. This is nothing new. According to data from the Pennsylvania DOLI, these two industries consistently account for nearly half of all PA work injury cases.

Work Accidents-Injury Statistics, Pennsylvania’s Educational & Health Services Workers

  • Total injuries in 2012: 21,863 (up by over 3,000 in 2011)
  • Most common type of injury: sprains/strains (46%)
  • Body part most commonly injured: arms/upper extremities (30%)
  • Most common cause of injury: overexertion (29%)
  • Median age of injured workers: 45.7
  • County with the highest number of injured workers: Philadelphia

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Education and Healthcare Industry – Total Work Injury Data (2009-2012)

Year Total Number of Work Injury Cases
2009 18,747
2010 18,876
2011 18,473
2012 21,863
Average 19,490

Healthcare Worker Injuries & Illnesses in Pennsylvania

Not surprisingly, healthcare workers have one of the highest rates of musculoskeletal disorders. This is often due in large part to the strenuous nature of the medical profession, i.e., lifting patients, moving patients, etc.

In addition, healthcare workers face multiple work hazards, including:

  • workplace violence,
  • slip, trip and fall accidents, and
  • exposure to infectious material and communicable diseases.

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Education Worker Injuries & Illnesses in Pennsylvania

The education and health services industry is comprised of both elementary and secondary schools as well as colleges, universities and professional schools. This industry includes both public and private institutions. Common types of injuries within the education sector include workplace fall accidents, such as falling on a same level or falling down stairs.

Education and healthcare workers are not limited to educators and medical providers. Educational institutions and healthcare facilities often employ workers in a wide variety of trades, such as:

  • building maintenance,
  • mechanical maintenance,
  • medical equipment maintenance,
  • housekeeping/laundry, and
  • administrative staff.

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