Work Accidents & Injuries in Pennsylvania’s Construction Industry


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According to data from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry (DOLI), construction accidents have been on a steady decline over the last 5 years. However, the most recent data from 2012 shows that the number of construction accidents in 2011 and 2012 held steady, at just over 6,000, down from over 7,000 in 2009.

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In addition, DOLI data shows that the construction industry accounts for a small portion, roughly 7.5%, of the total number of work related injuries (resulting in time lost from work) in Pennsylvania each year. In 2012, there were 6,364 construction related injuries, out of a total of 85,117. However, Pennsylvania’s construction industry accounts for about 20% of the total number of fatal work accidents. The reason for the large discrepancy is due to the inherent dangers in construction work. Construction workers often perform work at heights and on/near dangerous, heavy equipment.

Work Accidents-Injury Statistics, Pennsylvania’s Construction Industry

Total injuries in 2012: 6,364 (slightly up from 2011)

Most common type of injury: sprains/strains (40%)

Body part most commonly injured: arms/upper extremities (33.3%)

Most common cause of injury: overexertion (28%)

Median age of injured workers: 41.2

County with the highest number of injured construction workers: Philadelphia

Pennsylvania’s Construction Industry – Total Work Injury Data (2009-2012)


Total Number of Work Injury Cases











Data sources: Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry, Workers’ Compensation & Workplace Safety Annual Reports (2009-2012)

Construction Worker Injuries & Accidents in Pennsylvania

Whether on residential or commercial construction worksites, construction workers face many types of work hazards, such as:

The construction industry accounts for some of Pennsylvania’s most serious work related accidents and injuries, including spinal cord injuries, fractured bones and head injuries. In addition, when equipment such as a forklift or crane is involved, the injuries are often catastrophic, resulting in crushed limbs.

Pennsylvania workers who are injured in construction accidents often face many weeks if not months of recovery. Also, these kinds of injuries can lead to temporary or permanent disability. For example, a worker who falls from a roof and suffers spinal cord injuries may not be able to resume any type of work duties. In these situations, it is vital to have the cases investigated properly in order to determine liability of all parties. Access our work accident law library.

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