How to Win a Work Accident Lawsuit in Pennsylvania


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Work Accidents in PA Over the Last Decade

Work accident cases in Pennsylvania have generally decreased over the last several years. However, while the number of work accident cases has decreased, the complexity of the cases and parties involved have increased. This is due in large part to the practice of contracting work to other parties. A contractor contracts out literally all of the work to multiple parties, and often to the lowest bidder. Therefore, on any given worksite, there may be dozens of parties performing work at once.

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In addition, over the last decade, we’ve seen an increase in the number of defective products cases involving work accidents. This is due, in part, to reliance on overseas countries for parts and materials. Many overseas countries do not employ the same manufacturing standards as in the U.S., and overseas countries provide cheaper labor. This often leads to substandard parts and materials being used in major work machines and equipment.

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Winning a Work Accident Lawsuit in Pennsylvania – Evidence of Negligence is Key

Winning a work accident lawsuit in Pennsylvania depends on multiple factors, but the most important factor is evidence of negligence, and this involves properly identifying all parties and how the accident occurred.

Therefore, given the complexity of cases and the potential for defective product cases, it is crucial to conduct a prompt and thorough investigation.

Prompt Investigation

Prompt investigation will often make or break a case. When major work accidents occur, such as on a construction or worksite, timing is crucial. The earlier the investigation, the better. That is because physical evidence may disappear or be altered. For instance, a negligently erected scaffold which caused a fall accident may be disassembled, and valuable evidence proving that the scaffold was erected improperly may disappear or be lost. Absent other evidence, the injured worker’s negligent scaffold assembly case may be unsuccessful.

Thorough Investigation

Thorough investigation is also important. Because of the scope of activities at large worksites such as a construction site, factory or other industrial setting, it is crucial to conduct a thorough investigation. There may be multiple claims at play, including a negligence claim and a defective products claim. For instance, a worker at a warehouse may be injured in a forklift accident. Evidence may reveal that the forklift operator was untrained; in fact this is one of the most common reasons forklift accidents happen. However, there may be an additional claim. The forklift may have been negligently manufactured, in which case, there would be a viable defective product injury claim against the forklift manufacturer.

Pennsylvania Work Accident Lawyers

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