Why do victims of child sex abuse wait to report the abuse?


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A: There are many different reasons why victims of child sex abuse have difficultly reporting sexual abuse. For older children or teens, people often ask why they never told anyone about the abuse. The answer lies in the nature of the twisted relationship created by the abuser.

Sex in general, is a taboo topic. This is why parents often have difficulty talking to their kids about sex. This coupled with fear, shame, guilt, depression, and anxiety often prevent children from reporting sexual abuse. Especially for young, developing minds, sex abuse is incredibly difficult to talk about.

Children are naturally inclined to want to please adults, and abusers know this. In addition, victims are led to believe they are special and may be given toys, money, etc. Abusers use their gifts to elicit guilt from their victims, especially older victims, like teens. In addition, victims may experience sexual feelings, which further complicate their feelings of guilt and shame.

The sad reality is that because children are unable to report the abuse, abusers continue the abuse and are emboldened to abuse other children as well.

Anyone who has any suspicions about child sex abuse should file a report immediately to local law enforcement and local Children & Youth Services agencies. Sex abuse is pervasive and the only way we can prevent it is by reporting it. Click here for a list of local Philadelphia area youth services agencies which handle reports of child sex abuse.

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