Who can be held liable when a nail gun misfires?


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There are many different parties who could be held liable when a nail gun accidentally misfires or discharges. Accidental nail gun misfire/discharge accidents may result in two kinds of cases: defective product injury cases and negligence cases. If a nail gun was manufactured or designed in a defective manner or if a nail gun failed to contain proper warnings, there may be a defective product injury or products liability case.

In addition to a products liability case, there may be a negligence case against different parties, depending on where the accident occurred. Generally, for any nail gun accident which occurs at work or on the job, contractors or subcontractors may be held liable for negligent supervision, negligent training, etc. For nail gun accidents which occur at home, especially when a bystander is injured by an errant nail or fastener, the nail gun user may be liable in tort. In addition, retailers may be liable for negligence in the sale or rental of a nail gun.

The task of establishing liability in any nail gun accident case should be undertaken by a knowledgeable nail gun accident lawyer. In addition, it is vital that the nail gun be preserved, so that it may be tested by experts.

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