Who are the parties in a civil priest or church sex abuse case?


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A: The parties in a sex abuse lawsuit often include the abuser as well as any other person or organization which negligently allowed the abuse to continue by either failing to stop or report the abuse. Learn more about who can be sued in a civil priest/pastor sex abuse case.

The basis of liability of the abuser is the act or acts of abuse – committing intentional acts such as assaults or batteries. This differs from the basis of liability of others.

Other persons or entities like a church organization can be liable for negligence in failing to act. For example, in a priest/pastor sex abuse situation, the entity which employed, housed or otherwise used the services of the priest/pastor can be held liable for failing to report abuse or failing to stop the abuse. Common parties who may be sued in a priest/pastor sex abuse case include:

  • church organizations,
  • youth organizations,
  • volunteer organizations, and
  • schools/school districts.

Additional parties may be added as defendants depending on the facts of the case.

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Pennsylvania Priest & Church Member Sex Abuse Lawyer

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