I fell at work in Philadelphia. Do I need a fall accident lawyer?


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Answered by a workplace fall accident lawyer:

Hands down, work related fall accidents are one of the most common types of work accidents in Pennsylvania. This means there are lots of Philadelphia lawyers who would gladly handle the case. However, work fall accidents often involve two distinct areas of law: fall accident law and workplace accident law.

While many accident lawyers know how to handle trip and fall or slip and fall accident cases, not many accident lawyers handle work related accident cases.  Also, no two lawyers are the same. This means that tactics and outcomes vary and will depend largely on the lawyer you ultimately choose to hire. This is certainly true in a work accident case in Philly. Finding the best accident lawyer for your case requires doing homework.

In addition, it is important to note that work accidents often involve workers’ compensation issues in addition to separate work accident legal issues. Depending on the type of fall accident and where it happened, there may be complex OSHA requirements at issue in the case. If the case was a roof fall accident or other fall from a height, there may be multiple parties in the case. For instance, for a fall accident where a worker falls from a roof due to lack of a guardrail, there could be at least 3 or 4 parties in the case including the general contractor, a subcontractor, etc.

Ensuring Maximum Financial Compensation in a Workplace Fall Accident Case

In order to ensure maximum financial compensation in a Philadelphia workplace fall accident case, it is crucial to have the case reviewed by an experienced work accident lawyer. All avenues for compensation must be explored, and the case must be aggressively prepared for trial. Insurance companies pay attention to the lawyers who take cases to trial and those who don’t.

There are many factors you should consider to help you find the best workplace fall accident lawyer for your case. Look for experience, reputation, and results. Most of all, be sure to hire a lawyer you trust. Go with your gut. If a lawyer shoves a contract in your face, take your time, don’t feel rushed to sign anything.

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Last updated: December 3, 2014