What remedies are available for workers in Pennsylvania who are injured on the job in electric accidents?


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A:Pennsylvania workers, especially construction workers, factory workers and utility workers, may be able to make two different kinds of legal claims for the injuries sustained in an electric accident. Under Pennsylvania workers’ compensation laws, those injured in work related accidents are usually eligible to make workers’ compensation claims for medical benefits and lost wages resulting from a temporary or permanent disability.

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The other kind of claim which can be made in an electric shock accident, whether at work or at home, is a tort or negligence claim against any person or company who acted negligently in causing the accident. Common defendants in such cases include:

  • product manufacturers and retailers,
  • utility companies,
  • contractors,
  • private businesses, and
  • homeowners.

Succeeding in an electric shock accident case requires proper investigation by a qualified electrical accident lawyer.

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Published: September 14, 2012