Upscaling Dining in Center City Philadelphia

dining near personal injury lawyers in Center City Philadelphia


dining near personal injury lawyers in Center City Philadelphia

Business dinners are not the only time to enjoy fine dining at Morimoto, our experienced personal injury lawyers in Center City Philadelphia, have sponsored his article for you to consider trying out this incredible Japanese cuisine.

Best known as Iron Chef, Chef Masaharu Morimoto is recognized for his unique presentation of his divine culinary creations. Creating a mixture of Japanese culinary traditions with a Westernized twist, this world-leading chef brings passionate inspiration with perfectly balanced flavors using the most advanced culinary techniques.

The Philadelphia gold standard establishment opened in 2001 in partnership with Stephen Starr, which later expanded to a second location in New York in 2006. The interior style of Morimoto’s boasts gorgeous aesthetically pleasing modern décor with a comfortable design.

Chef Morimoto unlocks layers of flavor on every dish he creates, whether its delicate cuts of sashimi or a western twist on a traditional Japanese cuisine. Immerse your palate in the exciting flavors invented by their kitchen and leave the restaurant with an unforgettable experience.

A favorite amongst food enthusiast, Iron Chef, caters to all types of dining experiences and offers a variety of styles for guests to select. Depending on the ambiance you are going for, choose from a chef tailored tasting menu, an inventive mix-and-match a la carte meal, or a daring yet delicious omakase experience.


The high-end restaurant is opening for lunch and dinner and gives guests the option to enjoy happy Hour.

The lunch menu offers an arrangement of delectable appetizers from Toro Tartare, to Wagyu Dumplings. Entrees consist of lunch sets served with soup and salad or the famous Morimoto Omakase tasting menu, a multi-course ‘chef’s choice’ experience.

The dinner menu offers an extensive selection, including signature Australian and Japanese Wagyu steaks and delicious fresh sushi bar options like sashimi, sushi rolls, and oysters.

Happy Hour is available at specific hours daily, so check their website before booking your reservation. The menu includes specialty cocktails, Morimoto Signature Sake, select beers, wine, and tasty appetizers.

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