Two Recent Scaffold Accidents in New Jersey


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It is a miracle that no one suffered any injuries in the two most recent scaffold collapse accidents in New Jersey. In one of the accidents, workers were 200 feet (approximately 20+ stories) above ground.

The most recent accident occurred last week, when a scaffold elevator collapsed at a 5 story retail/apartment development in downtown Somerville, New Jersey. The scaffold was in use by one of the construction crews working on the facade of the building when the top portion of the scaffold collapsed.

Although not needed, rescue workers responded to the scene, prepared to provide rescue and medical aid. Police blocked off the area to avoid injuries to bystanders. It is unknown what caused this scaffold accident.

Source: “Scaffolding accident closes part of Main Street in Somerville”

Scaffold Collapses from 200 Feet in Jersey City

Earlier this year, a scaffold started to collapse after being struck by bricks. This accident occurred in May of this year in Jersey City, New Jersey. Workers on the scaffold escaped by climbing into a window near the 17th floor .

The building was a high-rise and the former site of the Jersey City Medical Center. The scaffold began collapsing after it was struck by bricks. Workers were repairing the parapet of the building when bricks fell below, causing the collapse. According to at least one witness, a worker was hanging off the scaffold near the top floor of the building.

Source: “Construction workers avoid injury in Jersey City scaffold collapse”

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