I tripped in a store. Can I ask the store to pay for my medical bills?


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It depends. Getting medical bills paid after a fall down accident often requires hiring a lawyer who can contact the store and the store’s insurance company.

Under Pennsylvania fall down accident law, a customer injured in a fall accident which occurs due to the negligence of the store may bring a legal claim against the store to recover for economic losses and non-economic damages (i.e., pain and suffering damages).

Succeeding in a fall down accident in PA requires being able to prove that the store either knew about the problem or should have known about the problem by conducting reasonable, periodic inspections. In fall down accident lawsuits, extensive investigation and discovery will be required to prove liability.

In some cases, medical bills may be paid via the store’s insurance policy. Some businesses purchase a special type of coverage, commonly called “med-pay,” which is available to people injured on the premises. Otherwise, your own private health insurance will pay the medical bills, and you may be required to reimburse your health insurance company after the lawsuit resolves.

You should contact a lawyer to discuss med-pay because it will require contacting the store’s insurance company. Under no circumstances should an unrepresented fall down accident victim speak to an employee for the store’s insurance company about the case. The claim should always be made by a qualified fall down accident lawyer.


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