The Best Restaurants in Chicago

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This page on some of the top choices when dining in the windy city is presented by Laffey, Bucci & Kent’s Chicago sexual abuse attorneys.

While Chicago’s extensive history is one that captures many crowds, there’s no question that the majority of people who consider themselves fanatics of this Illinois city would likely admit it’s because of the incredible foodie options that can be had. Up next, we discuss some of our team’s favorite spots to sit and enjoy a wonderful meal.

The Chicago French Market

Originally opened in 2009, the Chicago French Market sprouted with the movement in the country that looked to support nearby food programs and cause a return of the European-inspired marketplace. For those who dare to visit it while staying in Chicago, it provides them with yearlong access to their preferred regional foodstuffs. The Bensidoun Family are the ones to thank for bringing together the exclusive selection of local sellers, all of whom were hand-picked for expressing their unique passions through their specialty goods. Visitors are almost guaranteed to encounter the most sought-after of Chicago’s melting pot foodie options.

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The Chicago French Market is quickly becoming a destination for both tourists and locals alike. Often referred to as the Original Chicago Food Hall,  its on-site seating place is reminiscent of a Parisian street cafe. In fact, many visitors are seeing doing their own personal photo shoots in the seating area due to the original artwork mural of ‘Paris at night’.

All Windy City visitors are fully recommended to take some time during their exciting trip to enjoy this unique gastronomic experience. Naturally, the Chicago Market also offers fresh ingredients sold by local vendors that can be used for cooking the freshest meals at home. There’s also plenty of tasty grab-and-go possibilities for breakfast, lunch and dinner for those who don’t have much time to stick around.

Au Cheval Diner Chicago

The Au Cheval Diner in Chicago is often described as a premium or upscale take on the traditional US American diner experience. It boasts an open-style kitchen with wildly varying ingredients that can include the specialty foie gras as well as the classic home favorite, fried bologna. Those who visit it also tout it as a bar and restaurant with a passion for eggs.

A burger joint-style bar and eatery with a passion for eggs, Au Cheval elevates the usual and customary cafe fare. Visitors can enjoy dishes running from luxurious chicken liver and roasted bone marrow to customary sandwiches, egg-centered courses, and the trademark cheeseburger. The bar section exhibits solid, exemplary mixed drinks including the Horse’s Neck, Vieux Bonal, and Hemingway’s Daiquiri. A vigorous draft brew list offers a wide scope of neighborhood, residential, and universal choices. The faintly lit café, throbbing with a vintage reel-to-reel soundtrack, highlights dull calfskin corners, dim wood framing, and a zinc bar folded over the open kitchen.

Giordano’s Chicago

Giordano’s is always standing out as truly newsworthy, both in Chicago and broadly. The brand gathers visit media inclusion and persistently achieves “Best Pizza” records. Its creation dates to a little northern Italian town close to Torino, Italy. Mom Giordano was popular around town for her choice cooking. Of all her eminent dishes, her most dearest dinner was her “Italian Easter Pie”. Mother Giordano would serve this  only on extraordinary events.

This pizza pie turned into a sacrosanct custom in the Giordano family and a legend in the town of Torino. A long time later, Italian outsiders Efren and Joseph Boglio moved to Chicago to begin their very own pizza business. Fortunately, now all who visit the Windy city can try this crowd favorite.

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