Tips to Keep Your Child Safe from Sex Abuse at Day Care


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Day care center and babysitter sex abuse is an unfortunate reality. Just last month, a Brooklyn, New York couple was arrested after trying to open a home day care/baby sitting service for the sole purpose of sexually abusing infants and young children.

The FBI arrested the couple in a New Jersey motel where the two thought they were meeting young children. The arrest was part of an FBI sting operation. (Source: couple arrested in child abuse plot).

Parents should be aware that sexual predators will seek employment where they have access to children. Day care centers, schools, babysitting services are all fair game to a sexual predator.

Here are three things parents of young children should consider:

1. Beware of day care centers operated out of a private home, especially without licenses.

Home day care situations are very important for many parents. Some parents rely on these kinds of day care situations every day. However, where a home day care situation has more than 5-6 children per adult (depending on the age of the children), and with multiple people in the home, parents should look for signs of responsibility, such as:

  • completion of child education classes,
  • current licenses, if required by state law,
  • background checks of employees, and
  • training of employees about recognizing sex abuse.

In addition, parents should not be afraid to discuss sex abuse with the caretaker(s). Ask whether other adults or older children will have any access to the child (when and under what circumstances, and the backgrounds of those individuals). Also, simply letting a would-be sex abuser know that you understand signs and symptoms of sexual abuse may make the abuser less likely to engage in the acts.

2. Pay attention to how your child acts.

Any sudden, unexplained changes in behavior may indicate problems at day care. Common signs of sex abuse include obvious things like injury or marks on private parts and/or mouth, sudden bed wetting, persistent nightmares, persistent aggression, or not wanting any physical touch. While sex abuse is rare, it does occur and parents must be able to identify and respond to signs of sexual abuse.

3. If your child is old enough, discuss appropriate touching and inappropriate touching.

Parents may want to explain the rules and how grown ups and other children are allowed to interact by way of physical touch. Designations such as under clothes, special body parts, and saying “no,” are all important ways a parent can discuss permitted touching with their children. Read more school sex abuse prevention and detection tips for parents.

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