Three Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make in Your Pennsylvania or New Jersey Construction Accident Case


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Being involved in a construction accident can be an incredibly stressful time. The accident may have resulted in serious injury, such as:

  • death,
  • spinal cord injuries,
  • head/brain injuries,
  • crushed limbs,
  • amputations, or
  • burns.

In construction accidents resulting in serious injuries, getting full recovery is important to ensure that the worker and his or her family is taken care of, especially in cases where the worker is unable to return to work. Here are three things commonly overlooked in a construction accident case.

1. Many injured workers make the mistake of never seeking legal advice about their accident, and only seek workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation claims are entirely separate from claims against other parties, like a subcontractor or product manufacturer. It is especially important in serious injury cases to at least have the case reviewed by a workplace accident lawyer.

Construction site accident in Pennsylvania2. Many construction accidents are not properly investigated. On any given site, there are dozens of contractors, some or all of which may be liable for a construction accident. Proper investigation and identification of each potentially liable party means better chances at a full recovery.

3. Being represented by a reputable, knowledgeable construction accident lawyer is very important. Insurance companies and their attorneys pay attention to the attorneys who represent the injured worker. There’s a noted difference between attorneys who just settle cases and attorneys who aren’t afraid to take cases to trial. One of the first things an insurance company does when it learns of a lawsuit is look up information about the attorney and the plaintiff. Past results, verdicts, settlement amounts, legal journals, media coverage, etc. are all fair game. What this means is that an attorney who has had success in the same type of accident and has taken cases to trial commands the attention of the insurance company and their lawyers.

If you are involved in a construction accident, multiple parties may be legally liable:

  • site or building owner,
  • architect,
  • engineers,
  • contractors,
  • subcontractors, or
  • manufacturers and distributors.

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