South Jersey Bar’s License Suspended Amid Allegations of Underage Drinking


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According to an online news report, a bar in National Park, New Jersey, had its liquor license suspended after an investigation revealed that a teen girl, employed as a stripper, had been served alcohol.

When New Jersey alcohol investigators went to the bar, they found the teen being served various mixed drinks. In addition, the owner as well as a bartender were arrested and charged with serving alcohol to a minor.

According to the news report, two other minors were also found drinking in the bar, which had been subject to prior complaints of underage drinking.

*Source:, “National Park bar’s license suspended for serving 17-year-old stripper” 12/20/12

NJ Bar Liability for Serving Alcohol

Under what is known as dram shop law, bars and restaurants in New Jersey can be held liable for serving alcohol to a minor or to someone who was already visibly intoxicated.

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