Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents at Work


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For most of us who have fall down accidents when at work, the only injury suffered is an injury to the ego. Fortunately, a simple stumble hardly ever leads to significant injury.

However, some workplace falls, like falls down stairs, falls on a hard surface like marble, or falls from heights lead to significant injury. Fractured bones, spine injuries or head injuries often result. These injuries can lead to significant time lost from work, or in severe cases, the person is unable to get back to work altogether.

For example, a head injury sustained in a fall accident can lead to long term brain damage with cognitive defects. Someone who had a high functioning, fast-paced job before the accident may, after the accident, only be able to manage a few hours a day at a low stress desk job. For a construction worker, an arm injury with permanent damage can lead to the end of a good paying union job with great benefits for him and his family.

It is very important to talk to a work accident lawyer about an accident at work that results in serious injuries, and not just consult with a workers’ compensation lawyer. There is a difference, one that not many people know. In fact, last year, I had the privilege of giving a presentation about workplace safety to a local carpenter’s union in Philadelphia. My father was a life-long union carpenter, and so naturally, I’m passionate about workplace safety and workers’ rights. I was introduced as a work comp lawyer, which I’m not. So, I used the introduction to explain the difference between a work comp lawyer and a work accident lawyer.

Work accident cases can lead to two different cases: a workers’ compensation case and a tort case. Workers’ compensation lawyers help injured workers make claims under state workers’ compensation law. They know the state workers’ comp laws like the back of their hand, in order to ensure that the injured worker gets the maximum compensation allowed under work comp law, i.e., medical benefits and disability benefits.

Work accident lawyers are experts in work accident tort law and usually know OSHA like the back of their hand, because OSHA regulations are usually at issue in a workplace accident case. They investigate an accident to determine who is at fault for an accident, usually parties who are not the employer. In these kinds of tort cases, injured workers can get compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills and lost wages.

For example, in workplace slip, trip and fall situations, there may be a negligent maintenance action against a building operator, or a general contractor may be liable for a fall accident that occurs on a construction site. Click here to learn more about making a claim for injuries after a fall accident at work.

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