Did You Have a Slip & Fall Accident in Philadelphia? What You Should Know About Getting Medical Bills Paid


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If you have been injured in a fall down accident in Philadelphia and have medical bills, you may want to know how your medical bills can be paid. This article will discuss how medical bills may be paid in a fall down accident case in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Most fall down accidents are not serious; a sprained ankle or sore knee may result. However some fall accidents result in major injuries. Fractured bones, head injuries and spinal injuries are quite common in fall down accidents, especially those which occur on hard surfaces such as marble or tile.

Medical Treatment Can be Extensive in Serious Fall Accident Cases

Medical treatment in serious fall accident cases can be extensive, resulting in many, expensive medical bills. A head injury which results in post-concussion syndrome may require cognitive therapy with a neuropsychologist. A spinal injury can result in multiple injections into injured spinal discs. Such treatments can easily add up to thousands of dollars.

Medical Bills & Expenses are Recoverable in a Fall Down Accident Lawsuit

fall down accident ambulance at storeFall down accident lawsuits can be successful when there is sufficient evidence that the store/business was negligent in causing the accident. In a slip and fall accident case in PA, a store may be negligent in failing to fix a leaking roof which caused water to accumulate on the floor. In a trip and fall accident case, a restaurant may be liable for failing to fix tears in carpet near an entryway. The key in any fall down accident case is proving that the property owner either knew or should have known about the defective, dangerous condition beforehand.

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Once liability is established, the store/business may be ordered to pay the injured party for economic expenses such as medical bills and lost wages. In addition, the injured individual may be awarded pain and suffering damages.

In some instances, depending on the insurance policy of the store or business where the fall accident occurred, an injured individual may be able to obtain what is called “med-pay.” This is a type of coverage available to businesses when they purchase commercial insurance policies. However, this type of coverage is elective and subject to certain conditions. For instance, some insurance companies may require that the med-pay claim be made within a specified time period, such as 1 year after the accident.

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