North Carolina School Facing Civil Liability for Sexual Abuse of Young Students by Teacher


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This summer, a North Carolina elementary school teacher was arrested in a global child porn ring, after a computer in Spain revealed images of young girls wearing shirts marked with the school’s name: Hildebran. The teacher later pled guilty and is now serving a 50 year sentence.

The third grade teacher had been teaching in the school district for over 10 years. He was a family man with two girls.

One family has instituted suit against the school district for failing to protect their 8 year old daughter. The suit alleges that the teacher was allowed to excuse his victims from school activities.

This case is one of the many, recent examples of schools being sued for failing to protect children from school employees who are sexual predators. From the Jerry Sandusky case to a recent case involving the Illinois’ West Aurora High School District, sex abuse allegations in schools are shockingly common. Some schools often choose to protect an abuser-employee, rather than face an investigation and liability. Self-preservation is a strong instinct, even in a school setting.

The reason sex abuse occurs in a school setting is failure of the school to implement and enforce a zero tolerance policy about mandatory reporting of any suspected abuse. Instead, teachers and students alike often mind their own business and fail to report such abuse. This is the kind of inaction which can result in civil liability. Read more about school sex abuse.

For more information, contact a civil sex abuse lawyer who handles school sex abuse cases.

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