PA Work Injuries & Workers’ Compensation– What are Your Legal Rights After a Roof Fall Accident? (Part 1)


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One of the most common causes of PA work related injuries at construction sites is falling from working surfaces, such as a roofer falling off a roof or an electrician falling through an open hole. Oftentimes, workers who fall from heights sustain serious injuries, i.e., catastrophic orthopedic injuries, traumatic brain injuries or internal bleeding. Workers in such situations want to make sure they talk to a PA work accident lawyer to help them do what is best in their interests in terms of their legal rights.

In order to prevent work fall accidents, there are federal regulations employers must follow to reduce the risk of fall accidents and ensure the safety of their workers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has set out regulations and requirements for fall protection. This article will specifically address fall from roof accidents at Pennsylvania construction sites, and the injured workers’ rights after the fall.

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OSHA Fall Protection Regulations

OSHA regulations require employers to provide fall protection systems to workers who are working on elevated surfaces greater than 6 feet. Pursuant to OSHA Standard CFR 1926.502, there are different types of fall protection systems:

  • safety net systems,
  • personal fall arrest systems,
  • warning line systems,
  • guardrail systems, and/or
  • positioning device systems.

When fall protection systems are not in place, fall accidents happen and workers are injured. Even when fall protection systems are in place, they may be inadequate or improperly installed, which often results in fall accidents.

Workers’ Compensation Claim

In Pennsylvania, workers injured on the job have the right to file workers’ compensation claims through their employers. However, workers whose injuries are intentionally self-inflicted or due to the worker’s violation of the law, such as illegal use of drugs while at work, are not entitled to receive workers’ comp benefits.

PA injured workers are entitled to receive benefits such as medical benefits and lost wages. Medical benefits are payable from the first day of injury. Therefore, if a worker suffers injuries after falling from a roof at a PA construction site and is transported to a hospital for treatment, workers’ comp will pay for the worker’s medical treatment received at the hospital and any future necessary treatments.

Lost wage payments are made if the worker is totally or partially disabled. If a worker falls from a roof and suffers catastrophic orthopedic injuries, such as several broken bones throughout the body, he may be unable to work.

Continue to part 2 of this article which explains total and partial disability benefits and claims against other parties.

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