Should I report suspicions about a priest who may be abusing children?


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A: Absolutely. Ending child abuse begins with reporting those who commit these terrible acts. The reason child sex abuse is so pervasive is that we live in a society where we mind our own business. However, this comes with a cost. It is this kind of mentality that often emboldens child abusers and pedophiles. This is precisely the kind of mentality which precipitated the Penn State child sex abuse scandal.

Any suspicions about child sex abuse, whether committed by a priest or pastor, or even a parent, should be reported immediately to local law enforcement and Children & Youth Services agencies. In Pennsylvania, the following agencies handle reports of child abuse, sexual and physical:

Bucks County:

24 Hour Child Abuse Reporting Hotline: 1-800-932-0313

Delaware County:

  • Upper Darby Office: 610-713-2000
  • Chester Office: 610-447-1000
  • Sexual Abuse Center: 610-891-5258

Montgomery County: 610-278-5800

Philadelphia County: 215-683-4DHS

Preventing children from becoming victims of pedophiles means that we must be willing to report suspected cases of child abuse to the proper authorities. Child sex abuse perpetrated by a priest, pastor, church member, etc. is devastating on so many levels. Symptoms of child sex abuse include:

  • sudden regression (bed-wetting, thumb sucking),
  • behavior problems,
  • fear of the opposite or same sex, or
  • sexually inappropriate behavior.

For more information about the effects of child sex abuse in priest and pastor abuse situations, click here.

Anyone with information about child sex abuse should speak to law enforcement. The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Special Victims Unit telephone number is 215-685-3252 and the District Attorney’s Family Violence and Sexual Assault Unit telephone number is 215-686-8080.

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