Recovering for Injuries in a Slip and Fall Accident on a Pennsylvania Construction Site


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Slip and fall or trip and fall accidents on construction sites are a very common type of work related accident. Workers who slip or trip at work may suffer serious, debilitating injuries. For instance, broken bones and head injuries are very common in construction site fall accidents.

Below are the types of damages recoverable in a slip or trip and fall accident case which occurs at a construction or work site in Pennsylvania.

Recovering Lost Wages

Workers can recover lost wages caused by a disability in two ways. First the worker can file a workers’ compensation claim with his or her employer. However, the worker may also be able to file a separate claim for both past and future lost wages against other non-employer entities. Click here for more information about liability of other parties in a construction site accident case in Pennsylvania.

Recovering Medical Bills

Recovering for medical bills is very similar to recovering lost wages. The injured worker can file a workers’ compensation claim. In addition, in some construction site accident cases, another party may be liable to pay past and future medical bills and expected treatment necessitated by the injuries.

Pain and Suffering Damages

Under the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation scheme, injured workers are unable to receive any compensation for the pain and suffering caused by an accident and injuries. Instead, if there is a separate case against another negligent party, such as a forklift operating company or scaffold erection company, an injured worker can make a claim for pain and suffering damages. These kinds of cases are indeed separate and distinct from workers’ compensation claims. Under Pennsylvania law, injured workers are eligible to make both claims.

For example, a forklift operating company may be liable for improperly training a forklift driver who causes another worker to trip and fall, or a scaffold erection company may be held liable for improper or negligent erection of a scaffold which causes a worker to fall. In this kind of situation, the worker could file a workers’ compensation claim against the employer. In addition, the worker could file a lawsuit against the forklift or scaffold company for lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering.

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Published: October 6, 2012