Professor Investigated-Sex Abuse of Children over Decades


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A college professor is under investigation for sex abuse of students as well as young boys. The investigation spans decades and at least two states.

The professor is a decades long music professor at the University of Connecticut. There are allegations that University employees had received reports of sex abuse as early as 2006, yet did not report him to the University officials. It was not until February of this year, that University officials indicate they became aware of the allegations. The professor is currently on leave. The University has launched an internal review into how the sex abuse reports were handled.

According to multiple news articles, at least 4 men allege they were molested over 20 years ago when they attended a summer camp program. These men allege that when they were between the ages of 10 to 13, they were subjected to sexual abuse. The men indicate a similar pattern of abuse – the professor would take them to his home and strip them, looking for ticks and bruises. The children were part of a camp for children with medical needs. The statute of limitations has expired in Connecticut for criminal prosecution of these alleged crimes.

In addition, this professor is also being investigated for sexual abuse of a then 13 year old boy in Virginia. Fairfax County police are investigating allegations of sexual molestation allegedly committed by the same professor in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Under Virginia law, there is no statute of limitations for felonies. See Virginia Code Annotated Section 19.2-8.

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To the extent these allegations are true, we can certainly expect to see additional victims come forward. Those who sexually abuse children are predators who use positions of authority and trust to groom victims and continue the abuse for as long as possible. In addition, these predators are opportunistic and will certainly capitalize on any prolonged, repeated contact with target victims.

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