Product Injuries – Hurt by a Defective Product in Pennsylvania or New Jersey?

Were you hurt or injured by a defective product in Pennsylvania or New Jersey? Get legal info about legal rights to compensation by filing a product accident lawsuit (product liability claim).

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Defective Product Accidents & Injuries in Pennsylvania or New Jersey

Product accidents have been increasing over the last two decades. Every day, residents of Pennsylvania and New Jersey are injured due to children’s products, power tools, medical products, vehicles, etc. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPS) issues countless product recall alerts each year due to serious risks such as fire, electric shock or laceration.

For example, in August, a major manufacturer of a portable generator issued a product recall over concerns of electric shocks. In July, a jogging stroller distributor and manufacturer issued a recall because of the risk of fall accidents occurring due to unexpected separation of the front wheel.

In many defective product accident cases, there will be no serious injuries. However, in some instances, individuals may suffer catastrophic injuries or fatal injuries. In these cases, it is important to the injured individual and their family members to seek legal advice about their rights in the civil justice system.

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Legal Rights to Financial Compensation for Product Accidents

Individuals who are injured due to defective products may have legal rights to compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. Oftentimes, product manufacturers can be held liable for a defective product. In Pennsylvania and New Jersey, there are different types of product liability claims: design defect, manufacturing defect, and failure to warn. Each of these claims are different from each other in terms of what is required to succeed with a claim.

In addition, product distributors and retailers can also be held liable. The product injury laws of Pennsylvania and New Jersey treat distributors and retailers the same as product manufacturers, all can be held liable for a defective product.

It’s important to note that product injury lawsuits are notoriously difficult to prosecute. They always require use of experts in mechanical engineering, product testing, etc. Hiring these experts can be quite costly. An expert report can run between $5,000 and $20,000 or more. Therefore, it isn’t always cost-effective to file a lawsuit for a product accident. The injuries and damages must be serious enough to warrant legal action. Speak to a defective product injury lawyer to learn more.

Tip – Keep the Defective Product

One of the most important aspects to bringing a defective product injury claim is the preservation of the product itself. The plaintiff (injured party) in a product injury case must be able to prove that the product was defective and that the defect caused the accident/injury. This means having the product that was involved in the accident tested by an expert who will analyze the product and determine how it failed and why. Therefore, it is crucial to keep the product and all parts of the product.

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