Priest Child Sex Abuse Update: Catholic Church Priest Guilty of Child Sex Abuse


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Between the Philadelphia priest sex abuse scandal and the Kansas City priest child porn scandal, it has been a rough year for the Catholic Church. Now, another scandal has surfaced.

Another Catholic priest, Curtis Carl Wehmeyer, who was a priest at The Church of the Blessed Sacrament in Minneapolis, pled guilty last month to various child sex abuse charges, as well as nearly 20 charges of possessing child porn.

The priest admitted to abusing two brothers who were under 15 at the time the abuse occurred, in 2010. He gave them alcohol and marijuana before molesting them. One of the victims was 10 years old when the abuse occurred.

The Catholic Church needs an in depth review and massive changes to its policies and procedures relating to reporting priests suspected of committing sex abuse or possessing child porn. The Catholic Church cannot sustain its pattern of denial and shielding. These three criminal cases occurred in three different states, and demonstrate the pervasiveness of child sex abuse and porn issues within the priesthood of the Catholic Church.

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*source:, “The Rev. Curtis Wehmeyer, ex-pastor at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, admits he molested two boys and possessed child porn.”, 11/8/12