Philadelphia Woman Riding Bike Hit by Sedan in West Philadelphia


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Yesterday evening, a young Philadelphia mother was viciously struck by a car as she was trying to get back on her bicycle after falling off her bike in the street. According to a local news article, she was on her way to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to see her daughter. The accident occurred yesterday, October 11, 2013 at approximately 7:30 p.m.

The hit and run was caught on a traffic camera. The video is available at It shows the young woman riding her bike in traffic. Yesterday was a rainy day, and therefore the roads are visibly wet in the video.

The video shows a SEPTA bus driving in the background. The woman fell off her bike and was laying in the other lane of traffic, the westbound lane of Spruce Street. As she tried to get up, the driver of a dark four door sedan approaching in that lane (westbound on Spruce) struck her in the head and kept on driving.

The woman was transferred to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania with critical head injuries.

Philadelphia police are looking for a dark four door sedan with a light colored plate in the front (possibly out of state). Anyone with any information is urged to contact the Philadelphia Police Accident Investigation Division at 215.685.3180/3181. You may reference DC#13-18-060115.

*Source:, “University City hit and run caught on video, driver sought”

Recent Hit and Run Car Accidents in Philadelphia

This recent hit and run accident is one of multiple hit and run accidents in the Philadelphia area over the last 3 months. In September, a 9 year old girl was hit by a car. The striking vehicle’s driver drove her to Methodist Hospital and left before giving his or her name. Source:, “South Philadelphia hit-and-run driver takes girl, mother to hospital”

In August, a taxi cab driver hit a young Temple University student and left her with critical injuries in the middle of the road. Source:, “Video released of taxi hit-and-run in West Philadelphia”

Liability in Hit & Run Car Accident Cases

Hit and run cases are very common and like this most recent case, often result in very serious injuries. Many times, hit and run defendants, i.e., those who perpetrate hit and runs or leave the scene of an accident, were under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol at the time of the accident.

If the at fault driver is never identified, the injured victim may be able to obtain financial recovery from his or her own car insurance company through an uninsured motorist coverage claim.

However, it is important to note that car accidents involving uninsured and underinsured claims are very complex and must be reviewed by a qualified car accident lawyer to determine whether such a claim may be made.

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