Philadelphia Priest Sex Abuse Scandal Update: Joseph Gallagher & Mark Gaspar Found Unsuitable for Ministry


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Philadelphia Archdiocese Announces Fate of Two Additional Priests

Earlier this week the Archdiocese of Philadelphia released the details of its decisions in two more cases of priests who were placed on administrative leave after a scathing Philadelphia Grand Jury Report from 2011.

As a result of that report, over 20 priests were placed on administrative leave.  Fifteen of those cases have been resolved and one priest died before an investigation could occur. Out of the resolved cases, almost half or seven priests, were found unsuitable for ministry. The remaining seven cases involving priests placed on administrative leave have yet to be decided.

In addition, after the Grand Jury Report was issued, criminal charges were filed against several Philadelphia area priests. Two have been convicted, one was just recently found guilty by a jury and another will stand trial later this year. Read the latest about the criminal trials of these Philadelphia priests.

The Archdiocese deemed Father Joseph Gallagher and Father Mark Gaspar unsuitable for ministry due to substantiated violations of standards of behavior for priests. However, the Archdiocese did not reveal any specific information, such as whether these priests’ cases involved substantiated allegations of sex abuse. Click here to read the Archdiocese’ press release concerning Father Gallagher and Father Gaspar.

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