Philadelphia PA Child Sex Abuse Lawyers Sponsor the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance


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LBK, a Philadelphia Child Sex Abuse Civil Law Firm, Proudly Supports the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance

The Philadelphia child sex abuse lawyers at LBK are pleased to announce its sponsorship of the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance (PCA). As part of the sponsorship, firm founder Guy D’Andrea, will serve on the advisory board at the PCA.

The PCA is a special resource for children who are victims of sexual abuse. Whether by a parent, teacher or pastor, children need our strength and compassion in helping them find justice and healing. The PCA is a unique entity which coordinates law enforcement, social workers, child protective services, medical treatment and prosecution to work together on behalf of abused children in the Philadelphia area. Donate to the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance by visiting their website.

Since its creation in 1989, the PCA has helped nearly 9,000 children in the Philadelphia area who have been victims of sex abuse. The vast majority of children served by PCA are under 13 years of age. Currently, PCA serves almost 100 children per month.  PCA performs invaluable work, with the goal of providing support and healing for victims of child sex abuse in the Philadelphia area. The child sex abuse lawyers at LBK are honored to support this wonderful organization.

About Guy D’Andrea, a Former Sex Crimes Unit Prosecutor

Prior to championing the rights of victims of sex abuse in the civil courts, Guy D’Andrea was an assistant district attorney prosecuting sex crimes in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. He is licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and his firm will takes cases in other states, such as New York and Delaware, on a case by case basis.

Guy D’Andrea and his firm handle civil sex abuse cases involving:

  • priests and pastors,
  • church members,
  • teachers,
  • coaches,
  • daycare employees,
  • school employees, and
  • doctors.

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